Joe Cadwell

Writer. Producer. Host

After working 20+ years as a commercial diver for the Carpenters Union, Joe began a new career in 2019 as an apprentice coordinator and instructor for the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute, based in Portland, Oregon.

His understanding and appreciation for those who do the hard, dirty and sometimes dangerous work of construction is apparent in his bi-monthly podcast.

Joe created Grit Nation to shine a positive light on the many misconceptions surrounding careers in the blue-collar trades. Every episode is built to redefine what it means to possess skills that can’t be outsourced or rendered obsolete overnight. Skills that provide a pathway to professional and financial success all while building the infrastructure and generational wealth of our nations.

Through inciteful and probing conversations with building trades professionals, authors, and industry leaders, Joe digs deep to uncover the truth about the often misunderstood and under-appreciated blue-collar trades and the people who do them.

"Podcasting has allowed me to meet an amazing cross section of an industry that I am proud to be part of".