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The Future of Construction

A building trades apprenticeship can provide a clear and direct pathway to financial security and professional satisfaction. The socio-economic outcomes of a union apprenticeship are on par with those of a 4 year college degree. Below is information on these valuable programs and how they provide skills and learning that can’t be outsourced or rendered obsolete overnight.

Union vs Non-Union Apprenticeships

Frank Manzo from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute and I discuss the significant advantages of union apprenticeships over their non-union counterparts. We’ll also investigate the surprising results when we compare union apprenticeships against traditional 4-year college degrees. This is a great episode that highlights careers in blue-collar trades.

Bridging the Skills Gap

On this episode I talk with Cal Wiebe, host of The Skilled Trades Podcast, about the Canadian Red Seal Certification and it’s American counterpart, the Journeyman card.

Opportunity in the Trades

This outstanding video by the NYC Building Trades highlights the benefits of a career as a blue-collar building professional. .

Apprenticeships and the Building Trades

Showcasing Union Apprentice programs and the significant socio-economic impact they have on the lives of the people who are in them.

Cashing in on Dirty Jobs

This video highlights careers in the trades. It also compares skilled blue-collar trades earning potential to that of a college degree.