Financial Wellbeing Starts Here

Dollars + Sense

As lucrative as a career in the building trades can be, it stills requires sound financial planning strategies to ensure long-term success. Below are episodes curated to help you turn your passion for hard work and construction into a solid financial future for you and your family.

Finance Credit 101

The importance of establishing good credit and how to repair damaged credit is the topic of this episode. Patrick Town from Union Home Plus walks us through the complex world of FICO scores and explains why they are so important.

Home Ownership

In this episode I talk with Patrick Town from Union Home Plus and Tim Tilbury of Velocity Real Estate about an essential part of the American Dream, homeownership. We weigh the advantages of buying over renting, and discuss why there is no better time than now to get into your first home.

Money Management

This episode is packed full of simple and straight forward information to help you take ownership of your financial future and empower you to take action. Listen in as Patrick Town from Union Home Plus and Johnny Flavin of Aspire Capitol layout a path for financial success no matter where you currently are.