Politics and the Building Trades - a Necessary Alliance

A difficult conversation

Most people avoid discussing politics as this topic it can sometimes be inflammatory and trigger strong emotions. Unfortunately, as building trades professionals we don’t have that luxury. Our very livelihoods depend on having strong relationships with lawmakers, regardless of party, who value and respect the working middle class. Below are a few episodes to help you understand this crucial alliance.

Prevailed Wage Laws

In this episode I talk with Frank Manzo from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute, about a law that levels the playing field when it comes to taxpayer funded construction projects. Our conversation highlights the importance of electing officials who whose actions can make or break a trades persons career.

The war on unions

Unfortunately, not everyone is looking to see unions and their members succeed. In this episode I talk with Mark McDermott about the history of organized labor and the  struggles it has faced. Later, we’ll dive into why labor unions have been engaged for decades in wars with greed driven corporations and the politicians they control. We’ll finish our conversation by learning how we can fight back.

Voter Suppression

Divisive politics, when combined with mis-information, is a dangerous mixture for building trades professionals. Add in voter suppression tactics and it can be downright lethal. On this episode I talk with Mark McDermott about how these tactics are used by powerful corporations and the politicians in their pockets to keep the working middle class pitted against each other. Listen to find out how you can be an agent of change in this war on unions.